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We design our search engine optimization (SEO) services in such a way that it helps in increasing visibility within the algorithmic (whether it is natural or organic or free) searchresults. And this in turn delivers top quality targeted traffic to your website.

Wow! You guys are just amazing! Your SEO strategy has worked for me in a great way. You guys did a commendable job in just 2 months and achieved desired results which my previous SEO Company could not achieve in 1 complete year!

- Bob McMakin Jr.
Mr. Appliance of SE Massachusetts

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As a SEO consultancy we analyze the structure, internal architecture & other key elements of your website that are weighted within the search engines algorithms. By analyzing we will provide recommendations for improved relevancy and alignment in targeting your keywords. We guide on all aspects of SEO ranging from site migrations, to schema and a lot more. When you seek to earn more natural search engine traffic and higher ranking positions, we analyze and review your website and their incoming links in order to provide expert advice, guidance and recommendations. The duties, responsibilities, and tasks of a SEO consultancy cover a dynamic spectrum of marketing disciplines in wide-ranging marketing channels working with interrelated relationships.

Keyword research is one of the most essential and valuable activities in marketing and it should be the starting point of your marketing plan. What is Keyword research? Keyword research is where SEO professionals use keywords to find and research alternate search terms that people enter into search engines while looking for same subject. The knowledge about these alternate search terms can help update content strategy or we can say the overall marketing strategy. Selecting and ranking the right keywords can make your website whereas a wrong selection or poor ranking can break your website as well. So researching the keywords carefully is a decisive factor that can make or break your website. With researching the market’s keywords you will not only learn the terms and phrases to target with SEO but also learn about your customers as whole.

Technical SEO audits are an in depth and extensive process which can be fruitful depending upon the issues with the website you are auditing. With such audits you may end up drifting away from the checklist but having a checklist will ensure you that you cover each and every angle that helps you in identifying all the errors within the website without missing anything. Our technical SEO audits are generated explicitly to create a foundation for organic search ranking improvements. Due to our expertise in link building we have found out the most tenacious technical issues that hamper link efficiency and search rankings. Our technical SEO audit includes all technical aspects that affect organic traffic, targeting issues related to crawling, indexing and ranking.

The process of making any website search engine friendly is called Onsite SEO. In this process certain elements on your website are adjusted in such a way that the search engines find it easy to crawl and understand the content and structure of your website.Apart from helping the search engines in interpreting the page contents, a proper onsite SEO helps the users to clearly and quickly understand what a page is all about and also whether it addresses their search query. A good onsite SEO lets the search engine recognize what a person would like to see if they visit the page. And according to that the search engine can consistently serve up high quality content about a specific search query or the keyword.

WPromoting products or services by making use of social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and likewise is called social media promotion. Promotions made on social media platforms gain tremendous traffic and attention.Most of the social media platforms have in-built data analytic tools that enable businesses to track the progress, success and engagement of their ad campaigns efficiently. The aim of social media promotions is to produce contents that users will share with their social media network that in turn helps a business in increasing brand exposure and broaden customer reach.It is a great strategy to draw new and unique visitors to a website.It also helps business in getting direct feedback from existing as well as potential customers which makes the business more sociable.

Acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own is known as Link Building. What a hyperlink does is it helps the users to navigate through various pages within the internet. Search engines use links to crawl the web where they will be crawling the links between the individual pages within your website as well as the links between entire websites. In short if you want to get traffic from search you need to constantly secure good links from relevant websites. Link building requires strong social skills, perseverance, creativity and an excellent communication skill. We have mastered the art of building high quality links that has put us ahead of all other SEOs and competitors.

SEO analysis is a tool that helps people to study how they can improve ranking of certain website on search engines such as Google. The various aspects of SEO reporting and analysis include competitive analysis that provides details of top competitors in the industry and their SEO performances, reports on keyword performances, reports of the links, data regarding page performances, layout or structure of the site, usage of alt texts for images, usage of meta descriptions, duplicity of contents, content lacking pages, usage of social media integration and site design responsiveness. With a thorough SEO analysis of a site lets you know the biggest obstacle that are hampering the ranks of a site and hence lets you to focus on the issues and combat them efficiently.

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The Solution

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Kiara Andreson

With My Charlotte Digital team we have found a friendly and extremely professional SEO partner to work with. Their dedication and work ethics have impressed us and we have achieved the desired results. Thanks to the team and we are looking forward to stay associated with you in a long term!

Chlinical Chemistry Technologist
Officeal All Star Cafe

John Williamson

Being with such a superb team is our pleasure! We are really happy with the results we have achieved in merely 3 months! Such an amazing group of people they are at My Charlotte Digital! They provide clear documentation that helps us understand the progress of our business and website. Thanks a lot guys!

Chlinical Chemistry Technologist
Officeal All Star Cafe
Rene Navas - Partner & VP Digital Marketing
Rene Navas

Partner & VP Digital Marketing

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