Upcoming SEO Trends and Success Mantra

SEO is the other name of unpredictability. No one can ever predict the outcome and future of SEO; however they can follow the trend and stay updated. To stay on the top of the market, staying up to date with the SEO strategies is a must. The mantra for success in SEO is to know the upcoming trends and strategize your plan of action accordingly.

Google has stunned the world with its efforts related to mobile and speed at the beginning of this year! As a result of which most of the SEO efforts will be focused in mobile and speed related aspects. And being a reputed Charlotte SEO Company, we at My Charlotte Digital have enlisted some of the latest trends so that you can understand the factors that can turn out to be game changers in influencing the SEO campaigns.

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Mobile-first Indexing Google will be using the mobile version of your webpage for indexing and ranking. However, that doesn’t mean only the mobile version is enough for indexing, the desktop version too is crucial. Mobile-first indexing here means that Google will use the mobile versions for ranking once your site is migrated. Therefore, make sure to keep your website mobile friendly. John Mueller, the Google Trends Analyst has mentioned that “If you want to go responsive, better do it before mobile-first launch”. So if are still thinking of switching to mobile version then do it immediately! To make your page’s mobile version Google-friendly keep a track of its loading speed (you can use PageSpeed Insights here) as well as regularly keep checking if your page is delivering flawless user experience or not (use WebSite Auditor).

Speed of the Page – Google is focusing more upon the user experience and the speed of the page. Previously, a site was simply evaluated on the basis of technical parameters but today, for desktop as well as mobile versions two different metrics are being evaluated i.e. optimization and speed.

The Brand – The Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, Gary Illyes states that “Google uses online brand mentions in its search algorithm.” Two different ways are there using which Google can use a brand as a ranking signal. First one is through unlinked mentioning of brands, which determines that your brand is an entity. Secondly, keeping the sentiment and context of each component in view such as reputation, advertising, trust and likewise.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – General Data Protection Regulation regulates the ownership of data created by user interactions online. Now the users can request for the personal data the company has collected about them and ask for any correction or export. If the company does not comply with the regulations then they might be fined severely. This regulation affects the European Union companies and customers however the international companies also need to comply with GDPR.

As an experienced SEO Company in Charlotte, NC we at My Charlotte Digital analyze the structure, internal architecture and other key elements of your website that are weighted within the search engines algorithms. We believe in remaining up to date with the SEO trends is the key to success. Therefore, our customers consider us as the best Charlotte based SEO Company. To know more about our services give us a call today at (704) 464-0020 or you can email us at