Unknown and Interesting Facts about Web Development and Web Design

Web development and design have become an inevitable part of every business these days. A well developed and designed website helps in enhancing the visibility of a brand over the internet that interconnects the world. After the commercialization of the web, there is a rapid growth observed in the web development and design sector that is leveling up day after day in terms of dynamic and interactive websites.

Also, we at My Charlotte Digital, being one of the most proactive and industry-leading web development companies in Charlotte have brought to you some of the exciting facts about web development and web design that you might be unaware of! Let’s check out!

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• Can you imagine Rasmus Lerdorf developed PHP only to manage his personal website and was not aimed to use it as a programming language! In 1997 the official version of PHP was released after numerous days of hard work and beta testing.

• The “Block View” from Amazon was launched before the “Street View” from Google. Did you know Amazon even launched a search engine, in 2004? The Block View initiated by A9 team was like visual Yellow Pages that would help in pairing up street-level pictures of stores and restaurants with their listings on Amazon. Amazon dropped it in the year 2006 whereas the Street View did not even start until 2007 by Google.

• In 1989 the web designs were made using symbols and tabulation, i.e., Tab key. So that era was called the Dark Ages of web designs as the screens were pitch black and only a few monochrome pixels existed there!

• The line mode browser launched in 1992 was the first accessible World Wide Web browser. • Tim Berners Lee created the first ever webpage using HTML.

• is the first ever domain name that was registered on March 15, 1985. At present, it works as a historic site.

• Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the students of Stanford University California, began Google as a research project in 1996. In their project, they planned to create a search engine that can rank websites as per the number of websites connected to the website.

• Thomas Knoll, the co-founder of Photoshop, wanted to name this design software as ImagePro, but as the name was already taken for copyright, he chose Photoshop that was bought by Adobe in September 1989. Today this software has 10 million users worldwide. The fun fact here is that the first ever Photoshopped image was of Thomas’s wife on the beach that was taken from their Hawaiian Islands trip.

• About 48 percent of people around the world believe that a website’s design is the first factor that determines the credibility of a business. People often leave websites within 10 seconds that are not aesthetically appealing.

• The first ever responsive website launched was in late 2001.

• JAVA was an accidental discovery by James Gosling and his team while they were working at Sun Labs during 1992. They were building a set-top box and started by cleaning up C++ that consequently led to a new language and runtime called Oak which was later renamed to Java.

• WordPress is older than that of Facebook and Twitter. The first version of WordPress was released on May 27, 2003. Christine Selleck Tremoulet, a creative blogger and a friend of Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress, suggested the name WordPress.

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