Top Web Design Trends of 2019 by My Charlotte Digital

Change is inevitable. Everything changes except the term ‘change’ itself. And web design is no different! With the change in time and new technological advancements the entire concept of web designing has changed tremendously. Without dragging further, we at My Charlotte Digital, a well-known and reputed Charlotte website design company provide you with a sneak peek on some of the web designing trends of 2019 below.

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The Broken Grids – We all know that the grid is a structure that arranges texts and images on the screen. But then what broken grids mean and why should we use them? A broken grid favours the unpredicted, pushing boundaries, and experimenting with asymmetry. And this technique helps your website stand out of the crowd.

Fluid design and elements – Fluid designs are the ones that are not the typical geometrical shapes. Such design elements and shapes make the designs feel more responsive and coordinated with human nature.

Retro Designs – ‘Old is Gold’ – this proverb is being applied today in every sector including web designing. Experimenting with retro designs creates a beautiful juxtaposition between the then and now design. And today the retro styles are considered as something new and unique, so we feel that this trend is going to last for a longer time!

Elevated Image Treatments – Images have always been unique design opportunities specifically on websites. Previously designers used to put images within circles, make them black and white or added drop shadows behind them to draw attention towards them. But today, the trend is elevated images where designers are using large hero size images that span the entire width of the website! And we believe that this design trend will make websites look attractive.

Monochromatic Designs – Using a variety of color on web designs is good but using a single color is unique. If done wisely, then a monochromatic design helps in enhancing your web design and makes it notable. Limiting to just one color solidifies your branding and makes your web design stand out of the crowd.

Overlapping Designs – When you overlap your designs, it creates a unique and visually appealing web design. When done with careful considerations, the overlapping design trend can enhance the overall aesthetic of your website. Therefore, you must look for web designing companies having experience and expertise in designing websites and a zeal to learn new trends and techniques.

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