The Importance of Breadcrumbs for SEO

Breadcrumbs are navigational helps for users on your site. From an SEO point of view, breadcrumbs are a critical stricture that aids Google in working out the structure of your site. That is why you must always try to add breadcrumbs in your site designs.

Different types of Breadcrumbs: Execution of breadcrumbs for SEO purposes differs from one site to another. Listed below are the 3 most common breadcrumbs types that are in use at present:


Hierarchy based breadcrumbs – These are the most widespread breadcrumb types on websites. These paths define the structure of your website by separating web pages in a hierarchical order.

• Attribute based breadcrumbs – Usually, you can find the use of these breadcrumbs on e-commerce platforms. With these types of breadcrumbs you’ve the luxury to direct viewers to a particular product by forming data as per product characteristics.

• History based breadcrumbs – These types of breadcrumbs provide easy navigation by directing users back & forth as they surf on a site.

SEO advantages of having breadcrumbs on your site: Breadcrumbs provide clear SEO benefits to your site. Let’s find out why you should have them:

• Helpful in Google Search: Google refine its algorithms constantly to rank web pages that are user-friendly & relevant. Breadcrumbs not just assist in forming your sites appropriately but also incorporate a measure of user-friendliness to them, therefore attaining superior treatment from the search giant.

• Enhances user experience: As stated earlier, breadcrumbs integrate improvement to your site’s surfing experience for general users. A surfer can move back and forward quickly with breadcrumbs, therefore producing more pertinent sessions per user for you.

• Decreases bounce rates: Users are likely to leave your site if they don’t find what they’re searching for. With breadcrumbs in the search results, they can land on a pertinent page quickly, therefore decreasing your typical bounce rate.

How to use breadcrumbs on your website in the right way? • Use breadcrumbs only if it fits your website’s structure • Don’t display breadcrumbs in a large or prominent format • Always have the full path in your breadcrumb’s menu • Match the breadcrumb title with your page titles • Breadcrumb navigation should go from the highest level to lowest

Proper breadcrumb navigation is just a small part of your SEO efforts & there’re several other aspects that should be given attention during web development. Here at My Charlotte Digital, our SEO experts in NYC can help plan your site structure as per industry best practices. So, feel free to get in touch with us if you are looking for the best SEO Company near Charlotte.