The Adwords Management for Successful Marketers

At times, you may have so much to do in your to-do-list that you hardly find any time to check on your Adwords account. In other words, you will have no time to optimize your Google Adwords campaign. You may have heard many businesspersons make changes to the Adwords accounts once in a month or three months. If Adwords management is not continuous, then it is useless to have such a campaign to boost your marketing. So, how do you manage to have time to have ongoing management of your Adwords account. That is where we at My Charlotte Digital offer continuous Adwords management in Charlotte.

PPC Experts in Charlotte

For us to be successful in offering continuous Adwords management, we need to work hard with dedication, but we do not mind doing so as we think that is the part of our services that we offer. The management process includes various steps like:

  • Structuring the Adwords campaigns
  • Maintaining and expanding the keyword list
  • Creation of optimized Adwords ads
  • Setting of negative keywords;
  • The building of a landing page that can convert
  • Setting up Adwords metrics and many more

Let us look at the steps in a bit more detail so that you know how we manage your Adwords account.

Structuring the Adwords campaigns
We understand that we need to have a solid foundation for your account to have an effective Adwords management. We, at the very beginning, select a preferred campaign for your marketing needs. We ask ourselves the question as to what goals you intend to achieve having an Adwords campaign. You can have a search campaign, a call-only campaign, or a display campaign depending on your business necessities. You can also have multiple campaigns in place to achieve different advertising goals.

We sit with you and discuss your advertising goals to finalize the nature of the campaign that you wish to have.

Research of Adwords Keywords
Everything in the Adwords campaign revolves around the assigned keywords. It is on the keywords that the results of the Adwords campaign depend. We do proper research so that we can assign relevant keywords for your Adwords campaign.

Optimize the Adwords campaign
We monitor the performance of the Adwords campaign to ascertain that the campaign is delivering your desired result. We use the most effective Adwords reporting tolls to create the reports to analyze the performance. We do not leave it here. We take further improving steps at regular intervals so that the Adwords campaign remains optimized. If we have a look at the improvements that we undertake at intervals, they are:

  • Addition of new negative keywords
  • Creation of new Adwords ads
  • Continuously test and make edits to the ad text to improve CTR, quality score and the conversion rate
  • Building and testing new landing pages and determining the one that converts
  • Optimization of budget to lower your CPA

As a professional and reputed Charlotte digital marketing company, we leave no effort to make your Adwords campaign useful and beneficial. You can depend on our trusted and experienced PPC consultation and campaign management team to have the best of Adwords campaign in place.