How to Create A Smooth User Flow? 3 Effective Tips

What’s the first thing come to your mind when you hear the word ‘flow’? Most likely you visualize movement – a movement of a certain object through a certain environment. For instance, it might be the movement of a physical entity through water or air. Or you might imagine users’ movement through apps or website. In both the cases, the smoother the flow, the easier it is for the object to pass through an environment.

So, how to create a smooth flow for your users through designs? Here are some tips:

Find out what user & business goals must be attained: When it’s about developing a new project, the main objective of web designers is to meet the business goals. Business goals may be making users to enroll for a service, make them buy products or subscribe to a newsletter. When a product falls short to meet business goals, it does not bring any value for the product owners. At the same time, it is vital to take into account user goals – the needs that users wish to be met.

That is why it is important to create a flow keeping end-users in mind. While creating user flows, website designers must ask themselves the following questions:

• What’s the user striving to get? • Why is it crucial to the users? What encourages them to do it? • What assistance the users might require to attain the task? • What are the doubts of the users?

The answer to those queries will let the designer know how to design individual pages and of course what content & navigational options to add.

Craft user journey maps: User journey map is an effective design tool that aids you detains the user’s experience when they network with a product. The map portrays users feeling & thoughts while they interrelated with a product. And this info can be a great basement for user flow.

Prototype a flow: One typical mistake done by numerous product teams is making a prototype without having an influential outline for the user flow. Without an outline, a prototype is simply a compilation of pages. However, when a prototype is based on the outline, it turns out to be a solid version of a user flow. Prototyping is the way of bringing the flow to life by incorporating more details.

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